I've signed up with Custom Ink Charlotte to go Over the Edge and rappel 100 feet off a building to help build a better future for kids in our Charlotte community - and we need your help!

About the charity: NASCAR Hall of Fame Foundation

Over the Edge Charlotte supports the NASCAR Hall of Fame Foundation, whose mission is to work to provide economically challenged students (pre-K through 12th grade) learning opportunities that will drive their future success. For every $20 raised, an economically challenged student will have an opportunity for a hands-on, STE(A)M-based experience at the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

At Custom Ink, we value the hard work of community organizers looking to better the lives of those around them and bring folks together. That's why it's important for us to support  the Hall of Fame Foundation as they work to provide unique (and fun!) educational experiences to students who may not get those experiences otherwise. We hope you're inspired to be a part. Thank you!