Charlotte Over the Edge – FAQ

What is Over the Edge?

Over The Edge USA is the only global industrial rappelling event company in the world. They assist non-profits in hosting safe and thrilling signature rappelling events. During fourteen years of operations, Over the Edge has staged over 900 events throughout the US, Canada, UK & Ireland which have raised over $88 million dollars with 64,000 participants. Participants include celebrities, political officials, CEOs, moms & dads, youth & elderly and individuals of all ability levels. Over the Edge has done all of this while maintaining an impeccable 13-year safety record.  Safety is Over the Edge’s top priority. For more information about Over the Edge USA, please visit www.overtheedgeusa.com.

How do I sign up?

Go to www.OvertheEdgeCharlotte.org and click “Register” to sign up.  The registration page asks for your contact information and is password protected.  During registration, you will be able to select your event t-shirt size and your preferred rappel timeframe for Wednesday, September 25, 2019.  In addition, you will be able to upload a photo and customize your own donation page.

What is required to sign up?

An initial $25 donation is required when you register.  This will go towards your $1,000 fundraising goal.

What is the final deadline for raising $1,000?

The deadline for raising $1,000 is September 25, 2019.  Please bring any additional donations that you may have received to registration when you are scheduled to rappel. 

If you need some extra time to meet your $1,000 fundraising goal, you can work one-on-one with the Over the Edge Charlotte staff to arrange this. 

How do I raise enough money to go Over the Edge?

Once you have registered, please start sharing your fundraising page with your friends and family via email and/ or social media.  There are two ways they can give - by credit card directly on the link on your fundraising page - OR - by cash/ check.

CHECK DONATIONS - Donation checks should be made payable to:  The NASCAR Foundation

Mail to:  The NASCAR Foundation
ATTN: Over the Edge Charlotte 
One Daytona Blvd  
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

If sponsoring an individual rappeller, please note their name or team name on      correspondence or check.


If you receive cash donations, you may either hold them until the event, or contact Jessica at 386-310-5746 or  jvelazquez@nascarfoundation.org to arrange delivery of donations.

Before you know it, your friends, family and contacts will have helped you reach your fundraising goal and you’ll be rappelling down 10 stories of the Embassy Suites Charlotte Uptown!

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes!  Donations are 100% tax deductible.  If your friends, family and contacts make a donation via credit card on your donation page, they will receive an email acknowledgement that they can use for tax purposes.  If they send a check or cash, they will receive an acknowledgement in the mail.  Please be sure to have them include your name in correspondence or in the memo line of the check so we can credit the donation to your page.

What happens if I don’t raise $1,000?

Participants must raise the minimum $1,000 to participate in this thrilling opportunity.  All donations are final and a refund will not be issued if you do not hit the $1,000 fundraising goal. If you don’t make your goal, we encourage you to come out to the event Tuesday, September 24 and Wednesday, September 25 to cheer on our edgers!

Is Over the Edge safe?

Absolutely! Over the Edge has never had a single incident or accident at any event since their inception in 2004. Every Over the Edge event is set up as an industrial worksite and as a result is compliant with all federal and state OSHA Fall Protection Standards and OSHA Federal and State Laws.

Over the Edge’s policies and procedures adhere to the best practices identified by IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) counsel. This counsel is a strict regulatory body that has regimented guidelines and safety protocols that far exceed the OSHA, Workers Compensation and state labor codes.

Safety is our #1 priority!  Over the Edge’s event staff include some of the best and highly trained rope access technicians in the world!

Who will be setting up the rappel gear and what qualifications do they have?

All members of the Over the Edge technical team are IRATA and SPRAT certified industrial rope access technicians. We also rely on the help of volunteers from local fire and rescue departments, and other rope trained volunteers to assist with the ropes. All have extensive training in areas like rope rescue and/or are instructors in rope rescue or climbing.

Do I get to practice before the big rappel?

Yes! You will have the opportunity to practice before your big rappel. This practice session, which takes place on the roof just before you rappel, will help you get used to the harness, rappel device and technique for descending the building!

Who can participate? Is there a minimum age to rappel?

No, but minors must be accompanied by a consenting parent or guardian and must have their waiver signed by a consenting parent or guardian.  There is a minimum weight requirement of 100 lbs. that must be met.

Are there weight restrictions to rappel?

Yes, participants must be between 100-300 lbs. to safely fit into the harness equipment.

What should I wear when I rappel?

You’re going to be walking down the side of the building so wear good, closed-toe shoes. No sandals, slip-on shoes, slippers, flip flops, high heels or steel toed boots are permitted. Wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. No skirts please! The harness goes around your legs, waist and shoulders, so it is best to avoid anything too bulky. Long hair must be tied back. You will be given a pair of gloves and a helmet to wear while you rappel.

Can I wear a costume?

Many people choose to wear costumes for their rappel. All costumes will need to meet the same standards as listed above. Capes will have to be approved by the Site Safety Supervisor before you rappel. If you have a question about what alterations your costume will need, please email a picture of your costume to Over the Edge Charlotte event staff so they can check it out and provide approval.

For more questions, please contact Jessica 386-310-5746 or jvelazquez@nascarfoundation.org