I'm going "Over the Edge," and not because I am a school teacher approaching the end of the school year.  I plan to rappel 10 stories, or 100 feet, down the side of the Embassy Suites in Charlotte Uptown. This is an awesome event that helps children in various ways. 

My adrenaline is pumping and I sure am nervous, but the money I raise when I earn a spot to be a HERO for kids and go "Over the Edge" will easily top any of that excitement!

Roc Solid Foundation was selected as The NASCAR Foundation's local charity partner for this incredible event. As the charity partner, Roc Solid will receive financial support that will help us continue to accomplish our mission: Building HOPE for kids fighting cancer. We build play sets in the backyards of children undergoing cancer treatment to provide a safe and convenient place for them to play. We see time after time how PLAY helps in the fight against cancer. We also provide Ready Bags to families who have received a pediatric cancer diagnosis as a way to provide during the most unimaginable time in their lives. 

Having volunteered with Roc Solid building some of these play sets, I have seen first hand how it helps the kids and their families. At the very least, for that morning and afternoon, the thought process is not on cancer, or Dr appointments, or this medicine, or any of that. The sole focus for those kids is playing with their friends and family. It's really a pretty amazing thing to witness in person!

I am in no way a thrill seeker, or lover of climbing over the edge of tall buildings. However, on September 25, I will face my fear and rappel down 10 stories of the Embassy Suites in Charlotte Uptown. My dislike of heights is nothing compared to the fight these kids and their families have to deal with everyday. I'm doing this is memory of my Mema, and in honor of a couple of students (that remain nameless on here) that I currently teach and are in different stages of this fight. Please help send me "Over the Edge!"

About the charities responsible for this amazing event...

The NASCAR Foundation is a leading charity that works to improve the lives of the children who need it the most in our NASCAR Communities.  We believe every child should have a chance at a healthy life and deserves to get across the finish line.  The NASCAR Foundation is making children's health and medical needs our top priority.  Through the Speediatrics Children's Fund, an Initiative of The NASCAR Foundation, we provide much needed health care and assistance to children who need it most so they are able to go full speed ahead in leading happier, healthier lives.

The NASCAR Hall of Fame Foundation works to ensure pre-K - 12 students have a competitive edge through education that best equips them for life and drives their future success.  NASCAR Hall of Fame Foundation leverages their unique assets within the motorsports industry to provide economically disadvantaged students with engaging and interactive learning opportunities that meet state and national curricula criteria and are based in career pathway STE(A)M skills. Such experiences align with the community's focus to strengthen its academic offerings to children who may not be able to receive them without the support of organizations like the NASCAR Hall of Fame Foundation.