I've signed up to go Over the Edge and rappel 100 feet off a building to help build a better future for kids in our Charlotte community.  

Every donation brings me one step closer to securing my spot to go 10 stories down the Embassy Suites Charlotte Uptown on Friday, October 6, 2023 with Over the Edge Charlotte and the NASCAR Hall of Fame Foundation. 

About me...

I’ve been graciously afforded various opportunities to serve others and positively contribute to society. I was awarded scholarships through my participation in programs that served the greater community, and I was even offered a full ride to college based on academic merit and service.

Today, I spend my time working with an organization whose mission is to create a vibrant, prosperous, and healthy economy for all, in the city and the region that I live in.

The work we do in our communities stands out above all!

It’s important to me that I continue that work throughout my life, for my own satisfaction, but most importantly for others—because I continue to realize every day how fortunate I was then and now. Those who know me know that I was raised civic-minded, and that community is something I hold dear to my heart, wherever I am.

My alma mater, Presbyterian College, our motto is Dum Vivimus Servimus, Latin for, “While We Live, We Serve”. I’m happy to say that mission is instilled in me. And on October 6th, I’ll literally be in a unique position (leaning off the side of a building) to play a vital role in continuing to drive impact and do just that, LIVE and SERVE.

Help me to "Be a HERO for Kids!"

About the charity I support...

NASCAR Hall of Fame Foundation

Over the Edge Charlotte supports the NASCAR Hall of Fame Foundation, whose mission is to work to provide economically challenged students (pre-K through 12th grade) learning opportunities that will drive their future success.

For every $20 raised, an economically challenged student will have an opportunity for a hands-on, STE(A)M-based experience at the NASCAR Hall of Fame.