Call me crazy but  I have registered as a Champion Edger to rappel 10 stories - 100 feet - down the side of the Embassy Suites Charlotte Uptown during the Over the Edge Charlotte event on September 25, 2019.

My adrenaline is pumping but of course I'm not afraid...much... but the money I raise when I earn a spot to go "Over the Edge" will help support children's education and healthcare needs supported by The NASCAR Foundation and the NASCAR Hall of Fame Foundation .  Very cool!

For all who contribute you will be entered into a drawing and I will hand wash the winner's car wearing a grass skirt and the shirt of your choosing at your location! Just imagine what you can do with those photos!!!

Remember, this is for the kids!

Help me to "Be a HERO for Kids!" and I promise I won't "chicken out!"

About the charities I support...

The NASCAR Foundation is a leading charity that works to improve the lives of the children who need it the most in our NASCAR Communities.  We believe every child should have a chance at a healthy life and deserves to get across the finish line.  The NASCAR Foundation is making children's health and medical needs our top priority.  Through the Speediatrics Children's Fund, an Initiative of The NASCAR Foundation, we provide much needed health care and assistance to children who need it most so they are able to go full speed ahead in leading happier, healthier lives.

The NASCAR Hall of Fame Foundation works to ensure pre-K - 12 students have a competitive edge through education that best equips them for life and drives their future success.  NASCAR Hall of Fame Foundation leverages their unique assets within the motorsports industry to provide economically disadvantaged students with engaging and interactive learning opportunities that meet state and national curricula criteria and are based in career pathway STE(A)M skills. Such experiences align with the community's focus to strengthen its academic offerings to children who may not be able to receive them without the support of organizations like the NASCAR Hall of Fame Foundation.